BRITTANY – ANNUTA – KIM (BAK) of Aratkilo Enterprise Systems LLC

Three Stanford Grads committed to APP design and development

Loyal customers are the heart of every thriving business, yet customer retention persists as a major challenge for organizations, retailers and restaurants. As competition in the industry intensifies, customers become more fickle than ever, abandoning their previous favorites as soon as the next attractive deal shows up. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have the essential tools they need to keep members and customers happy and bring them back.
Our mission at BAKapps is to empower you to build the lasting customer relationships that power loyalty, growth, and overall success. We believe that businesses of every size should enjoy access to state-of-the-art technology that allows them to offer valuable, relevant, and engaging customer experiences. This concept has guided us on our journey of innovation since 2010.Today, we are proud to offer BAKapps uno, the Swiss army knife that you need to survive and thrive in today’s competitive retail environment. BAKapps uno is a complete set of customer management tools, including a customized, branded mobile app and capabilities that go far beyond loyalty programs—advanced POS integration, actionable business insights, automated actions, and multi-channel communication.